Liam Payne’s Three Current Awkward Moments In Social Media

Even when you do not participate, social media can still suck you in — and Liam Payne knows this all too well. Over the past few weeks, Liam Payne has been inserted into awkward social media drama without actually saying a word.

The last time anyone heard from Liam Payne on social media is when he wished everyone a “Happy Easter” on Twitter on April 5. Before that, Liam Payne was performing in Dubai on April 4 — and told the audience that they were doing well with Zayn Malik even though he quit One Direction.

The fact that Liam Payne appears to have nothing to say lately (especially about Zayn Malik) is somewhat surprising since Liam was rather upset about Zayn quitting tour. A week later, Zayn Malik actually quit One Direction altogether — so maybe Liam Payne had a good reason to be so venomous when he “erased” Zayn Malik from the One Direction tour poster on March 23 (within the 48 hours before Zayn officially quit). Liam Payne also basically called Zayn Malik a wimp for not being able to handle the hardships of celebrity life.

Obviously, Liam Payne is known for his direct approach, but he has also been quiet about the scandal on social media between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy that started on March 31. Despite this, one cannot help but wonder if this Tomlinson/Naughty Boy Twitter war is not awkward for Liam Payne since the beef is about One Direction.

What is definitely awkward are the two other Twitter-related headlines that Liam Payne is intertwined with. The first awkward moment is that Liam Payne is still friends with Louis Tomlinson’s ex, Eleanor Calder — but Louis is not. Now Magazine reports that Eleanor Calder made it clear where she stood with getting back together with Louis by unfollowing him on Twitter — but still remaining a follower of Liam Payne and the rest of One Direction.

As a matter of fact, Liam Payne and the other members of One Direction were some of the very first Eleanor followed on Twitter — and she added them at the same time as a group.

The other awkward social media headline that Liam Payne is embroiled with may actually be a big deal. It was recently noted by Hollywood Take that the music management company that helps One Direction with their tours follows One Direction — but the individual members of One Direction (like Liam Payne) do not follow Modest Management back.

The fact that Liam Payne is not following Modest may not be a signal for big changes in the future — but for all of them to not follow Modest? That certainly seems suspicious. Allegedly, Liam Payne and One Direction have not parted ways with Modest.

This is significant because, as previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, fans retaliated against Modest when Zayn Malik quit One Direction with the social media hashtag #ModestWeHateYou. Tweets directed at @ModestMgmt stated that they forced Zayn Malik to quit One Direction.

With no current posts on Liam Payne’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, we can only hope that it’s a good thing — and that no more social media awkward moments are in the eaves. After all, it’s been a very bitter month for One Direction — and Liam Payne certainly was not spared.

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