Father Arrested After Being Caught Punching Toddler In Face On Shocking Grocery Store Surveillance Video

father punches toddler in face

Warning! Graphic content: Some may find the contents of this video disturbing.

A man has been taken into custody on charges of child endangerment after he was caught on grocery store surveillance video punching a toddler in the face, sending him flying to the floor. After the child hits the floor, the man violently yanks the child by his arm into the air, sending him into a fit of tears.

The NY Daily News reports that a Youtube video showing the toddler being punched in the face went viral after someone uploaded it online in hopes of catching the man responsible. In the shocking video, you see a small child running through the Vest Market grocery store aisles in Bakersfield, California. Shortly after the small boy is seen alone in the aisle, a man comes from around the corner and punches the toddler in the face. The child falls to the floor from the force and is then yanked up violently by his arm.

The boy can then be seen crying and holding his face until a woman appears on the screen and takes the child outside. The video outraged the market owner and he showed the footage to the police, who began a search for the man in the video. On Thursday night, Justin Whittington was taken into police custody on charges of child endangerment stemming from the grocery store incident.

Police have not yet released the relation of the Whittington to the child, but Vest Market owner Harry Dindral says he is the boy’s father and is a “horrible man.” Whittington’s bail was set at $1 million and is being held in jail in lieu of bond until he is due in court on Monday.