Life Hack: Turn An Ordinary Dinner Fork Into Extra Strength Portable Door Lock [Video]

dinner fork door lock

You can add extra security to any door by using a simple dinner fork. All you will need to make a sturdy portable door lock is a dinner fork, a hammer, and a saw.

As YouTube user Phil Crockett points out, a portable door lock can come in handy in a number of different situations. From adding extra security to your hotel room door to securing a public bathroom door with a broken lock, there is something to be said for a portable and easy to install lock that won’t leave any trace or damage behind. That is where the dinner fork door lock comes into play.

In the handy video uploaded by Crockett, viewers learn how to turn an ordinary dinner fork into a superior door lock. All that is needed to turn the fork into a secure lock is a hammer and saw. Take a look at the video and see just how easy it is to create your very own portable safety lock.

It isn’t just modern day life hacks that can make life a little easier. The Inquisitr previously reported on these 100-year-old life hacks that were published by the most unlikely of sources, cigarette companies. From removing splinters to boiling the perfect eggs without mess, the cigarette companies of the 20th century seemed to have all the right answers.

What do you think of Crockett’s life hack for turning an ordinary fork into a portable door lock system? Have you ever been in a situation that a portable door lock would have come in handy?

[Image via YouTube]