Stepfather Impregnates Stepdaughter Then Leaves Teen To Give Birth Alone While Sister, 3, Dies In Process

A shocking case of child abuse left a sexually abused teen girl to care for her three-year-old stepsister who would die from improper care after the teen gave birth to her stepfather’s baby alone in her mother’s bed. All this happened while her parents were away on a six-month-long vacation leaving the teen alone, without enough food, to care for the three-year-old child who had medical issues.

The Daily Mail reports on the horrific case that left a three-year-old dead, a newborn baby malnourished and a teen girl impregnated by her stepfather to give birth alone without medical care. The incident began when Jondrew Lachaux, 39, and Kellie Phillips planned a six-month-long vacation to California. The couple had six children together along with a teen girl from one of Phillips previous relationships. However, the vehicle that the couple rented could not fit all eight people so they decided to leave the 17-year-old girl to care for her three-year-old stepsister while the rest of the family went on the trip.

However, prior to the trip the teen girl was sexually assaulted by her stepfather and became pregnant, but the teen did not know she was pregnant. Therefore, the plan continued and the teen was left to care for the toddler while her parents left on vacation leaving the teen with some food and the breathing medications the three-year-old required.

The Review Journal notes that during the parents absence, the teen girl gave birth to a baby on her mother’s bed without medical care. She never took the newborn to the hospital but breastfed the baby for two months until she became so malnourished she could no longer produce milk. The home had run out of food and the teen, newborn and toddler were all suffering from lack of food. The three-year-old died during this time from unknown causes, possibly malnourished or from lack of medical treatment for her breathing issues, so the scared teen texted Lachaux about the death.

The teen claims that she did not receive a response back for two weeks, so she lived with her newborn baby in the home with the rotting corpse of her stepsister. Finally Lachaux responded and told the teen to simply put the body in a box, which she did. Lachaux then returned to the home before Phillips and placed the box with the toddler’s body into a broken down vehicle and stacked empty pizza boxes on top. After hiding the body, the man then kicked out the pregnant teen from the home because he didn’t want his wife to know about the sexual abuse.

The teen was homeless with the newborn and eventually ended up at the McCarran International Airport where she spent the night. The stepfather then offered to purchase the teen a motel room to stay. However, she had run out of formula and the newborn baby was living off of a water-only diet. Therefore, Lachaux offered to meet the teen at the airport to speak. Before he could get there, airport officials had called 911 after the baby exhibited health problems. Upon finding the state of the baby and learning about the extreme abuse case, Lachaux, Phillips, and the teen were arrested on charges of child abuse.

Lachaux faces three counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death, and one count of destroying or concealing evidence and is being held on a $1 million bail. Phillips is being held on two counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death while the sexually abused teen is being held in a juvenile detention center facing one count of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death and one count of destroying or concealing evidence.

Many are surprised that the teen is being charged in this case after such a long history of sexual and possibly mental abuse. What do you think? Should the teen be charged or is the stepfather and mother solely to blame in this case?