Kate Middleton Baby Watch: Duchess Kate’s Due Date Could Be Much Earlier Than Expected

Kate Middleton Baby Watch: Duchess Kate's Due Date Could Be Much Earlier Than Expected

The Kate Middleton baby watch is in full swing, with Duchess Kate’s due date possibly coming much earlier than expected.

Now late into her third trimester, the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth to royal baby No. 2 sometime in the middle to late part of this month. The royal palace has not confirmed an exact date beyond saying that Kate Middleton was due in the month of April, but the timing of her announcement back in August suggested to many a date later in the month.

But there has been some speculation that she could actually be due earlier, with the baby coming in the middle part of the month.

Hello Magazine broke down the theory earlier this year, speculating that Duchess Kate was actually further along in her pregnancy when it was announced in August.

“Until now it has widely been believed that the 33-year-old’s due date was towards the end of the month, because she was thought to only be five or six weeks pregnant at the time of the announcement.

“However artist Paul Cummins, who created the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at the Tower of London, has said that the Duchess nearly didn’t come to see his artwork on 5 August because she was already suffering from Hyperemisis Gravidarum – the severe morning sickness she has had in both pregnancies.

“The fact that Kate was already feeling ill at the start of August suggests that Prince George’s little brother or sister could actually be due nearer to the middle of April.”

Whenever her due date might come, Kate Middleton is certainly ready for her second baby to be born. A source close to the family told Us Weekly that Duchess Kate is starting to feel the effects of her third trimester.

“Kate’s starting to feel really pregnant,” the source said. “She’s been joking about never passing up an opportunities to use the loo!”

But the source added that Kate is feeling much better now than early in her pregnancy, when she was bedridden with severe morning sickness.

“Now that things are settled health-wise, she’s loving being surrounded by her girlfriends, having a laugh and talking baby things,” the source added.

While the world may not know exactly when the next royal baby will come, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have some surprises of their own on her due date. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace told E! News that Duchess Kate does not know the sex of her second child, and will find out on the day he or she is born.

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