Four Suspects Arrested For Snapchat Kidnapping And Robbery, Man Left With Nothing But Underwear

Four people have been arrested after a man was allegedly lured to a woman’s home for sex through Snapchat and robbed of all his belongings. The man was left with nothing but his boxer shorts and shoes after being dropped on the side of a rural country road.

WDAF reports that the male victim had recently connected with an old female friend on the mobile app Snapchat. The unnamed victim says that 19-year-old Sydney Adams invited the Snapchat friend to her house in Independence, Kansas, and promised the man sex. However, when the victim arrived, he says it became apparent that Adams had set him up.

The victim says that three men, James Hunter, 23, Zachary Donahoo, 23 and Tristen Bishop, 18, were waiting for him in Adam’s bedroom. The men forced the victim to lay on the floor and emptied his pockets. The victim says that two of the suspects, Donahoo and Hunter, took his car and all of his possessions before putting him in the vehicle and driving him to a remote country road.

Once in the remote location, Donahoo and Hunter left the man blindfolded on the side of the road in nothing but tennis shoes and his boxer shorts. The victim says that during the kidnapping the suspects threatened him with a weapon. Therefore, he followed their orders to undress and gave them his car keys and other belongings.

According to KMBC, a police officer spotted the nearly naked man at around 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday. A police report was filed against Adams and police later arrested all four on charges of first-degree robbery and kidnapping. All four suspected Snapchat kidnappers are being held on $100,000 bond each. They are all scheduled to appear in court for their charges on May 11.

This isn’t the first time that police have used Snapchat in a criminal investigation. In fact, Inquisitr previously reported on the odd case of Christopher Wallace. Wallace was wanted for burglary in central Maine, but led the police right to his “secret” hiding spot after posting his whereabouts on Snapchat not once, but twice. First Wallace led police to the home he was hiding in when he posted his location on Snapchat. Police searched the home and initially found nothing. However, Wallace then posted a followup Snapchat message that said he was hiding from police inside of a cabinet. Police immediately searched the cabinet and found Wallace crouched inside hiding from the officers.

[Image Source: Getty Images/ Peter Macdiarmid]