Lebron James: Lauren Hill’s Cancer Fight ‘Inspired Me,’ NBA Star Writes Twitter Letter To Deceased Teen

Lebron James: Lauren Hill's Cancer Fight 'Inspired Me,' NBA Star Writes Twitter Letter To Deceased Teen

According to Lebron James, Lauren Hill is the strength, courage, power, and leadership based upon the way she spent her remaining time on Earth.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some fans of the Fugees were confused by the announcement of Lauren Hill’s death, since they mixed it up with Lauryn Hill’s death. Hill was a college basketball player and she had an Upper Deck rookie card named in her honor.

Lauren Hill may have been only 19 years old, but during her last year she did a lot for the world by trying to raise awareness for cancer research, including her own rare form of cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glimoma (DIPG). Hill remembers how hard it is when she first found out her cancer was terminal, but then decided she would spend the rest of her life reminding everyone how good life can be, and to speak for those who can’t speak.

“One January night, I was having a meltdown,” Hill said. “I asked God if I could do anything. I didn’t know what He sent me here for. I wanted to know what He sent me here for. Whatever you sent me here for, I’m ready to do. What keeps me going is remembering why I’m here. I told (God) I’d take every opportunity to speak for the kids who can’t speak.”

This work inspired Lebron James, who once wrote an Instagram message about her five months ago.

“You are simply and truly ‘AMAZING’ Lauren Hill!!! Thank you for inspiring me and I’ll try my best to match you! Congrats on your game. Also be looking out for a package from I to You! You’re Awesome!!!”

After Lauren passed away, Lebron decided to write a letter on Twitter to the St. Joseph college basketball player.

“You are the true definition of strength, courage, power, leadership, etc etc! Your time spent on earth will never be forgotten. … I never got the chance to meet you in person but know you inspired me the whole time! For every life you touched, you made the biggest impact of them by just being YOU!! You’re in a far better place now and please don’t have too much fun up there w/o all your family and friends. Can you please tell my Grandma I said hello. Don’t be afraid, she knows you cause we spoke about you plenty of times. Until we officially meet again, take care and continue to be that LEADER we all love! #RIPLaurenHill”

What do you think of Lebron James’ Lauren Hill letter?

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