One Direction: Ashley Parker Angel Auditions To Replace Zayn Malik

One Direction doesn’t have any plans to replace Zayn Malik, but maybe Ashley Parker Angel’s quickie audition for the group will make Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan rethink their decision to continue on as a foursome.

According to Us Weekly, Ashley Parker Angel shared his 15-second audition on Twitter. In the video below, the former O-Town star belts out a few lines of One Direction’s “Night Changes.” Unfortunately, the 33-year-old makes a fatal mistake — he shows his age by not using Vine to post a six-second audition video. It’s the video service that all the cool kids are using these days, and 15 seconds is far too long for the attention span of an average teen. It also doesn’t help his cause that many One Direction fans have no idea who O-Town even is (maybe it’s a band their moms used to like?).

Parker captioned the video below.

As you can see, Ashley isn’t actually trying to replace Zayn Malik — the hashtag #fakeaudition is a dead giveaway that he was just kidding around. He also refused to reunite with O-Town back in 2013, so Ashley is obviously so over being in a boy band. However, judging from one of Ashley Parker Angel’s follow-up tweets, a few One Direction fans didn’t get that he was joking.

If Ashley actually was serious about joining One Direction, he’d have a little competition for Zayn Malik’s spot. As the Inquisitr previously reported, One Direction has had many honorary “sixth members” over the years who could step in and replace Zayn. Unfortunately, few of them are actually singers.

However, according to ABC News, Ashley Parker Angel isn’t the only singer who auditioned for Zayn’s spot on social media. The One Direction dropout’s much-older lookalike, Full House star John Stamos, can be seen singing a few lines of “What Makes You Beautiful” in Josh Peck’s Vine video below.

In case you’re wondering, John Stamos and Josh Peck are hanging out together because they’re playing father and son in a FOX TV pilot. Before the Peck casting announcement was made, Stamos joked that he originally wanted Malik to play his progeny in the comedy. If casting for the show had taken place a few months later, maybe his wish would have come true.

Are you glad that One Direction isn’t really holding auditions to replace Zayn Malik, or do you think the group should have staged an X Factor-style reality show to search for a new fifth member?

[Image credits: Ashley Parker Angel/Instagram]