'Ballers' Trailer: Stage Two Of Dwayne Johnson's Summer Takeover

The first official trailer for the new HBO series, Ballers starring Dwayne Johnson was released online Friday.

The Steve Levinson-created television series seems to revolve around Dwayne Johnson's character, retired athlete Spencer Strasmore.

According to Deadline, the series explores the lives of a group of current and former football players. House of Lies actor Omar Benson Miller stars as a former professional athlete trying to find his next career. Funnyman Rob Corddry plays a financial advisor struggling to fit into the circle. The Glades actress Taylor Cole plays an ESPN sideline reporter who is also romantically linked to Dwayne Johnson's character.

One of the stars that will likely turn Ballers into his first breakthrough acting role is John David Washington. Washington plays a highly spiritual yet competitive professional athlete. Hopefully, John David will be able to make his real-life father (Denzel Washington) proud with his acting. Since he is a former NFL player for the St. Louis Rams, chances are that he already has the football side of his role down to a science.

When reviewing the new Ballers trailer, Slash Film claims that Dwayne Johnson's new HBO show looks like a football version of another hit HBO series, Entourage.

Chances are that Ballers will be a huge hit for HBO and for Dwayne Johnson. In addition to starring in the series, Dwayne is also a producer on Ballers alongside his Pain and Gain co-star, Mark Wahlberg.

Therefore, it seems as if the June 21 premiere of Ballers is just another stage of Dwayne Johnson's summer takeover.

Stage one will take place on May 29 when the Brad Peyton-directed blockbuster earthquake film, San Andreas is released in theaters.

Less than a month after Dwayne Johnson appears in San Andreas on the big-screen, he will be starring in Ballers on the small-screen for Stage two. If the rumored reports are correct and Furious 7 ends up being released on DVD and Blu-Ray in August 2015, that release date would essentially become Stage three of Dwayne's summer takeover.What do you think about the Ballers trailer? Could Dwayne Johnson have a huge TV hit on his hands?

[Image Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]