Former Bakersfield Man Convicted Of Raping A Baby And Filming It

A former Bakersfield man was convicted Thursday of kidnapping a baby and raping it in a hotel room and then filming it to distribute as child pornography.

Shawn McCormack, 31, was found guilty of four counts of child exploitation and two counts of kidnapping by a federal jury after a four-day trial, according to KGET 17.

McCormack, formerly of Bakersfield, California, and now from Colorado Springs, Colorado, traveled back to Bakersfield where he visited a couple posing as their friend in 2008.

At night he snuck out to rape their 11-month-old child in a nearby motel, outdoors, and in his truck before sneaking back in with the child.

After McCormack filmed the sex acts he shared them online with others, but he also shared them with an undercover officer with the Toronto Police Services, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

While they were investigating another separate case of child pornography, Homeland Security agents in Boston found the child pornography images on a separate defendants computer. There was evidence he abused both of the couple’s children.

McCormack has been in federal custody since September, 2011.

Evidence at the trial shows McCormack visited his alleged friends in Bakersfield and stayed overnight several times where he gained access to the couple’s children.

When he is sentenced on July 27, McCormack could find himself locked away for life.

He faces 15-to-30 years in prison for each count of producing child pornography and 20-years-to-life for each kidnapping count.

Friday’s conviction of the child molester follows another child abuse case in Bakersfield only one day earlier.

Thursday afternoon a man was caught on a surveillance camera punching a toddler in the mouth so hard he fell down, according to the Inquisitr.

The man chased the child around a store, caught him, and punched him in the face.

The surveillance video filmed inside Vest Market was posted online and went viral drawing thousands of views and hundreds of angry comments.

Police asked for the public’s help tracking the man down, and by midnight Thursday he was in custody charged with child endangerment with a $1 million bail.

During Friday’s court proceedings in Bakersfield the jury only needed to deliberate for a few minutes before they found McCormack guilty.

He was also indicted in 2012 with three additional counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and production of child pornography, according to Bakersfield Now.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)]