Man Receives $2,400 From Pizza Hut: Broke Denture On Hard Croutons

According to Food World News, a man has collected $2,400 from Pizza Hut because his partial denture broke when he bit into hard croutons from the restaurant.

Everett Chatman won a case against the Harriman, Tennessee, Pizza Hut after he filed a case against the restaurant for serving excessively crispy croutons that shattered his personalized partial denture. He sued the company for damages and personal injuries after he couldn’t work things out with Pizza Hut’s insurance company.

Pizza Hut initially refused to pay for damages and did not cooperate with Chatman. Therefore, Chatman said he had no other choice but to hire a lawyer to sue the Pizza Hut franchise, American Huts Inc.

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Chatman was pleased with the outcome of his lawsuit. In addition to being awarded $2,400, he was also reimbursed with interest for court costs. WBIR Channel 10 posted Chatman’s story on its Facebook page. Many comments indicated that the payment was fair while others thought it was not Pizza Hut’s fault because croutons are supposed to be hard. People with dentures should know what they should and shouldn’t eat.

One person jokingly commented, “I gained weight from eating at Pizza Hut. Where’s my check? Funny how we live in a world where it’s someone else’s fault.” Another person said, “Since Pizza Hut is known for pizza, who goes to Pizza Hut for a salad?”

New York Daily News reported that Chatman has 2,400 reasons to smile. Chapman’s attorney, Mark Foster, said they tried to work out a settlement without going to court, but Pizza Hut didn’t want to talk. So they filed as a last resort.

Officials at Pizza Hut probably thought it was best to settle with Chatman to put the case behind them. The company has more than 6,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States, and more than 5,139 store locations in 94 other countries and territories around the world. Pizza Hut aims to please with their piping hot pizzas. The restaurant added salads to its menu to keep up with other restaurants to give customers healthy choices.

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has had a complaint. The 57-year-old fast-food restaurant apologized last year when one of its employees wrote on a receipt “Pink Fat Lady” as the description of a customer. The chain also came under fire last year when a manager in West Virginia was caught urinating in the kitchen sink.

Last March, Aamana Khan, 14, and her mother, Sobia, 38, found a tip of a knife blade on top of their pizza. They did not file a complaint. The restaurant retrieved the pizza and gave them a refund.

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