Childhood Friends Who Played Together As Boys Set To Marry After One Becomes A Woman

Childhood friends that used to play football together as young boys are now engaged to become man and wife after one of the friends discovered that she was transgender and went through gender reassignment surgery. The pair had lost touch in the teen years, prior to the gender transition. However, they reunited at a birthday party and instantly hit if off again, this time as more than just friends.

Yahoo! Lifestyle reports that Christopher Dodd and Fay Purdham, born Kevin, are an engaged couple with an interesting history. The pair first met when they were children, playing football together as many little boys do. However, Fay says she always knew there was something different about her and as a teenager discovered that she was transgender. The revelation came after Christopher and Fay had lost touch in their teen years.

Shortly after the two lost touch, Fay decided to begin the process of transitioning into a woman. She underwent hormone therapy and began living her life as Fay. Christopher said he had heard through other family and friends that the friend he knew as Kevin was now a woman, but he said he had no idea he would fall in love with her.

The Daily Mail reports that when Christopher say Fay again for the first time he was “gobsmacked” by her beauty.

“When I saw Fay again, I was gob smacked by how beautiful she was and I fell for her immediately. It took me some time to get my head around the fact that she used to be my best friend Kevin but I have never looked at her in any other way other than the fact she is a gorgeous woman.”

Fay says that she was also attracted to Christopher when she met him those years later as a woman.

“Now he had really grown into a handsome young man and I was very attracted to him right from the start – plus I had that feeling that he was also liking me too. We sat talking for ages about the old days and then suddenly, he kissed me – and it felt like the right thing to do.”

The pair admit that it was difficult to get their minds around at first since the pair had a history together, both as boys. However, Fay says that Christopher is respectful and never treats her like less of a woman despite knowing her past.

“He was curious about it all of course and a little afraid, I think. It was all new to him and the fact that I had been a boy and we had been so close at one time was a little difficult to get his head around. But he never ever treats me little anything less than the woman I am and he’s very respectful of me.”

The couple began dating shortly after meeting again and now are engaged to be married. The two say they are excited for their future together and can’t wait to start a family.

[Image Credit: Facebook]