Kendra Sunderland: OSU ‘Library Girl’ Reveals Her Weirdest Customer Requests

Kendra Sunderland’s video made the rounds when it was released by an anonymous individual. Not only did it lead to internet fame, but it also got the former cam girl into some serious trouble. Kendra was arrested for exposing herself at the Oregon State University’s library. She could face serious jail time and a hefty fine. Kendra is making the most of her fame though. The “library girl” sat down for an interview with the Huffington Post’s Weird News Podcast. On the show, Kendra talked about the weirdest customer requests she received when she worked as a webcam model.

Sunderland was a webcam model for an adult chat site named My Free Cams. On the site, the 19-year-old would communicate with her customers and invite them to private or public sex shows. Sunderland would not only cam from her bedroom, but she would also cam from public places like the OSU library. She was later caught and arrested near her Oregon home. Sunderland mentioned some of the weirdest requests she received as a cam model.

“This guy wanted me to sniff my armpits, which was kinda weird. But I did it because I had just put deodorant on and they smelled good.”

There were also some requests Kendra received that made her second guess her job.

“Some guy asked me to lick the bottom of my shoe and slobber all over it. He’s paying me to do that, so I tried to play it off and pretend like I was doing it, and he’s like, ‘No, no really get in there,’ and I said ‘OK bye!””

There are some requests that Sunderland wouldn’t do, and aren’t even allowed on adult chat sites like My Free Cams.

“It really weirds me out when guys have stuff like incest fetishes — I just don’t want to talk about that stuff.”

What’s also not allowed on the popular adult chat site is camming from public places. Sunderland had her very public sex show uploaded to an adult video site. It’s still unclear as to who uploaded Sunderland’s “library girl” video. Some new sources believed it was a jealous webcam model, while another believed it was another OSU student.

Now Kendra has to pay the price for having her adult film released to the public. She is currently fighting her public indecency case, according to the Huffington Post report. Kendra is facing a misdemeanor, but she may have to register as a sex offender. The model is expected to appear in court next month, but she’s remaining positive about the case.

Sunderland is even working on starting her own empire. The “library girl” video led to a spread in Penthouse magazine. However, she has said that she would like to become a Playboy model. Sunderland even started a sugar dating website and a cam show site, called Play With Kendra, where customers can pay for weird requests. She likes to separate herself from other models by having a fun and playful personality. Kendra Sunderland wants to be seen as the girl next door that guys can approach on the computer.

“I blow bubbles. One guy sends me huge packs of gum so he can watch me blow bubbles on camera. I think it’s sexy and cute.”

[Image: Kendra Sunderland via Facebook]