Lauren Hill’s Death Confuses Some Fugees Singer Lauryn Hill Fans, Who Didn’t Die

The fact that Lauren Hill, the 19-year-old inspirational basketball player who died from cancer, as reported by the Cincinnati Inquirer, shares a name with Lauryn Hill, the singer from the Fugees, has confused some fans of the star. Even though Lauryn, who spells her first name with a “y” as opposed to an “e” like the teenaged Lauren, is definitely still alive.

Such an inspiration. So sad. Lauren Hill passes away overnight

— The Sultan (@SultanofSwaT033) April 10, 2015

As reported by Google Trends, Lauren received more than 200,000 searches on Friday, April 10, after news spread that Hill had died tragically from a rare form of cancer — with fans from LeBron James to others singing her inspirational praises to face such a battle at a young age. Directly below that search for Lauren’s name on Google’s list of popular searches came more than 100,000 queries for Lauryn’s name, with Twitter telling the tale of those who’ve mixed up Lauren with Lauryn, and wondering if the singer had died.

This is how rumors get started, says Chicago Now‎ — with the reporter detailing her reaction to first hearing that Hill had died, and immediately assuming everyone was talking about the singer — until she read up on the plight of the basketball player’s fight against cancer. According to many of the below listed Twitter tweets, she wasn’t alone in her confusion.

At least most of the social media posters have the tact to realize that despite their confusion, a young woman lost her battle with the disease and have offered comforting words in the midst of their mix ups.

I had forgot Lauryn hill named was spelled with a Y I woke up and read Lauren hill died and almost went crazy rip to Lauren tho

— thelifeofmiked (@thelifeofmiked) April 10, 2015

Some users haven’t yet realized the difference between the women, but the confusion should be cleared up in time.

Lauryn Hill – Everything Is Everything: via @YouTube —>>> In memory of Ms. Lauryn Hill <<<— Legend

— Kyaira Jumper (@KyairaJumper) April 10, 2015

As reported by the Inquisitr, Lauryn was recently booed at a London concert and some fans were so disappointed that they walked out of the show.

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