Walmart Senior Citizen Worker Caught On Camera Racially Profiling Customers, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

One Walmart senior citizen worker had had enough of two black male customers browsing in the store. So, she decided to take action. However, her method of delivery is so brash many have deemed her actions as racial profiling. Now, a shocking video of the verbal sparring match between a white Walmart senior citizen worker and six African-American customers has gone viral.

The seven-minute video begins with the female worker named Mary in mid-confrontation with two African-American males. Apparently, the worker didn’t think the two males should be browsing in the backpack section, so she felt it was necessary to “chase them away.” She also admitted that they were the third group of African Americans she’d asked to leave the store because they were browsing. She personally felt they had no intentions of purchasing any items so they had no reason in the store.

“Turn me in to corporate,” she said. “Because unless you’re spending money, we don’t need customers like you.”

“Oh, I’m not spending money because I’m black?” one of the males countered.

“What did we do?” the other guy asked.

When the manager approaches, surprisingly, the senior citizen worker does not back down. She even told the manager how she felt and demanded that the manager take action to support her. She even threatened to go to the manager’s “superiors” if the situation was not resolved in her favor.

“This is the third group of people tonight I’ve had to chase away because they thing Walmart is a playground,” Mary explained to the manager.

“What did I do to make this a ‘playground’?” the male asked.

“They are allowed to come in and browse,” the manager said to Mary.

“In back packs? I will not have him talking to me like that. If you don’t stand up to him, you have superiors to answer to. Now you take care of him!” the worker said to the manager.

“No, Mary,” the manager said. “I’ll take care of you.”

“You’ve got superiors to answer to too. He will not treat me like this!” she shouted.

The Walmart senior citizen worker can be seen walking off, but the argument is far from over. When the male says, “I’m the customer, you’re the worker,” Mary tells him to “spend money then.” The video hasn’t even reached the one-minute mark at this point, but it only gets worse as it continues. The male tells Mary he makes more money than she does. Then, she takes things even further by insisting he sells drugs.

Just when it seems like Mary has left, she comes right back — with her cell phone. The manager can be heard telling Mary to walk away yet again, but to no avail. After she continues to argue with the two male customers, the manager finally makes her walk away. Although the conversation cannot be heard clearly, Mary continues to argue with the manager. As the video continues, the two males ask for grievance forms to file a complaint. They also converse with other customers about the horrific incident. It seems they were much more flabbergasted than angry about Mary’s actions.

The video, which was uploaded in the summer of 2013, has begun circulating yet again via Facebook. Many notable displays of racial profiling have resurfaced in wake of the Walter Scott shooting. South Carolina police officer Michael Slager has been charged with his murder after the entire shooting was caught on camera. Of course, the Walmart worker’s video has only added to the racial tensions surrounding the shootings of unarmed black males that have plagued the country for the past couple years. Many viewers have taken to several different social media platforms to voice their concerns. Surprising, the video has received mixed opinions. While some feel Mary’s actions were a prime example of racial profiling, some users actually supported her.

“Poor lady. They work hard all day. Low pay. Have to put up with people’s s–t. Then they say she’s racist when she’s not. Nobody there to back her up. Never really got to see the beginning of the video to see what really happened. There’s more to it than it seems. Dealing with customers is not easy they always want to be right when sometimes they’re a bunch of a–holes.”

“Hey.. I go to Walmart with a purse you gonna run me out too,…..some time I go to Walmart and I don’t spent any money you gonna run me out too…. Mary got a nasty attitude, its not what you say but how you say it…………..Mary should be fired…..”

“Even if the customer instigates the situation you still maintain a professional attitude no matter what.”

“Mary should not argue with the customer or threaten the customer that is totally uncalled for and Mary disrespected her Manager that is very rude and intolerable she should be fired immediately.”

“Oh please, you were looking for a lawsuit. This is just like the Eric Garner video, you start filming when she gets pissed off (for reasons unknown as they were conveniently not filmed) and then it’s your word against hers as to what happened before that. She WAS out of line, but are we supposed to take it in good faith she came up to you and accused you of being drug dealers? I mean, maybe she was snippy, we don’t know, but to say you were criminals? I don’t know if I believe that, but again, your words against hers. I think both parties were in the wrong here, but let’s be honest, you hung out for a little while longer playing the situation up, wanting to formally file grievances, probably to look for some damages from Wal Mart due to racial profiling. I don’t guess I blame you, if I was black I would too. Since everything be so racist.”

No further details have been released. So, it is unclear if Mary was reprimanded or not.

Do you think the Walmart senior citizen worker racially profiled the customers? Should Mary have been fired? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via YouTube]