Was Anjelica Hadsell Murdered?

Remains found in Franklin, Virginia yesterday have been identified as Anjelica Hadsell. The Norfolk woman had been missing for nearly 40 days, but authorities confirmed yesterday that their investigation led them to the home where her remains were found. NBC News 12 reports that a cause of death is not yet known. The reports also indicate that authorities don't know yet for sure if the woman fell victim to foul play. Meanwhile, the majority of the public believe she was murdered.

When Anjelica Hadsell disappeared in the beginning of March, her mother did not hesitate to tell authorities -- and the media -- that her last text message exchange with the young woman was suspicious. She doubted that her daughter was the one on the other end sending her SMS messages. These details created an immediate sense that AJ did not disappear on her own. It wasn't long before her adoptive father Wesley Hadsell began giving statements to the media, which put him directly under the lens of scrutiny.

Public suspicion against Wesley Hadsell has only intensified since his arrest. He has been charged with obstructing justice and unlawful possession of ammunition. He also reportedly told police that they'd never find the gun to which the ammo matches. He is accused of breaking into the home of a person that he said he believes responsible for Anjelica's disappearance. Since his arrest, he has given at least one jailhouse interview, and maintains his innocence regarding Anjelica's disappearance. He has not made any statements since the discovery of her remains.

The information in this case is still developing, so details can change and evolve with every hour as investigators and other officials get to the bottom of what happened to Anjelica Hadsell. The Daily Journal reports that authorities are sharing no other details behind the discovery of AJ's remains. What is known, however, is that officials have continued searching the area surrounding the grisly discovery. They are still gathering evidence, while remaining quiet on whether or not they believe this young woman was murdered. There are numerous questions that need answers in this case, especially regarding whether or not she was murdered. If AJ was murdered, who did it?

[Photo: Norfolk Police Department via Crime Scene Media]