Jaden Smith’s New Movie Will Be ‘The Karate Kid 2,’ Regardless Of Wearing Dresses

Jaden Smith's New Movie - 'The Karate Kid 2' - Regardless Of Wearing Dresses

No one knows what Jaden Smith is thinking, but Jaden himself. However, aside from wearing dresses, his new movie has been announced: The Karate Kid 2.

Maybe Jaden’s excited about his second installment of the successful, 2010 movie, and that’s why he’s chosen to wear a dress? How does Will and Jada feel about Jaden Smith’s antics? Well, a source told HollywoodLife the following.

“Will and Jada have their own arguments about their kids and some of the choices they make, but they are both on board when it comes to Jaden’s fashion choices. They are so used to it by now that it doesn’t bother them at all. They like his choices and think he looks pretty cool.”

Jaden’s recent dress-wearing stunt could surely be a publicity tactic for his “Karate Kid” sequel. Whatever the case, it’s definitely grabbing attention, if that’s the purpose.

Though “interesting” is only one of the various adjectives which could describe Smith, “resilient” is another. In 2013, Jaden played Kitai in After Earth. The movie wasn’t quite for the masses, but then again, neither is Smith. Still in recovery from the movie’s results, Jaden is pushing to continue his martial arts legacy with Jackie Chan.

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Smith doesn’t have a release date for the movie just yet. It’s not even in pre-production at the moment. However, the fact that Jaden will be back for a sequel is confirmed.

Nevertheless, Smith does have something else in pre-production right now, called Brothers In Atlanta. It’s actually a television comedy. So far, as is noted on IMDb, there’s only one episode ready. However, Jaden will be playing the part as Curtis. The plot of the show is that two amateur entertainers are trying to make it in the ATL.

Specifically, the site notes the brief as follows.

“A pair of struggling entertainers try to navigate life and relationships in the black Mecca of Atlanta.”

Unlike the movie, there is a release year for this show, and it’s set for 2015.

Be it as it may, as far as the dress is concerned — from the majority consensus — that’s just Smith. He likes to be different.

It seems to have gotten him noticed by GQ Magazine.

What are your thoughts about Jaden, his dress, and his sequel? Do you think he’s cool? Have you been waiting for The Karate Kid 2?

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