Look Skinnier In Your Photos: New ‘Visualize You’ App Helps Users See Themselves Thinner

There is a new app that is sure to be a runaway success, not only because it promises to give users a vision of how they will look once they lose weight, but also because it provides an easy way for people to Photoshop themselves skinny in photos and selfies prior to cutting any calories. Called “Visualize You,” the new app allows people to enter their goal weight and take a selfie in order to get a new view of how they will look with a certain amount of pounds lost, reports People Magazine.

After downloading the free app from the app store, users can then give it access to their camera roll and microphone and move on to take their own photo or upload a photo of their choosing. Next, the “Visualize You” app’s technology uses their 3D modeling and formulas created by weight loss pundits to alter the image in a digital manner to give users a view of how they’ll will appear when thinner — or, for those folks who want to gain weight — at a higher weight.

The app asks users to enter their current height, current weight, and their target weight in order to create a digitally altered image that they can use as inspiration to make the photo a reality in real life. Despite all the hubbub surrounding the new app, some of the customer reviews of the app on the iTunes App Store aren’t flattering. With both a paid version and a free version of the app, the developers are getting the feedback from a few users that state the app won’t load, gets stuck or keeps crashing.

Upon trying the downloaded free version of the app that purports to show users their skinnier selves on both an iPhone and iPad, however, like other users report, the experience at first seemed to involve getting stuck at the screen where users can take or upload a photo, since clicking the right arrow didn’t do anything. This is simply a matter of poor instructions, however, because clicking the photo-taking icon itself is what puts it in action, allowing users to move on to the next steps.

“Visualize You” even allows users to enter weights a lot higher than their current weights, and adds the ability to slide the scale forward to see how they may appear a lot heftier. Whether the app truly gives folks motivation to lose weight remains to be seen, but any motivating factors may help. Clicking the download option didn’t allow it to save the photo to the camera roll, but a simple screenshot can overcome that feature mishap.

As reported by the Inquisitr, celebrities like Rick Ross have used strength-training techniques to lose a hefty sum of weight, along with changing his eating habits to include a lot more veggies and fruit, especially pears.

[Image via Visualize You app]