Lana Del Rey Adds Highlights To Hair On Instagram, Trends As Festival Fashion Icon

[Update — Lana Del Rey has deleted the feature photo from her Instagram account.] Are you looking for new ideas for clothing choices in 2015 and like Lana Del Rey’s style? Lana Del Rey recently added to her look — and posted the change to her Instagram account.

If you want to adopt a few Lana Del Rey looks for your own clothing collection — you are not alone. Lana Del Rey is trending in the fashion world over the early weeks of April because her type of style is dominating the crowds of 2015 music festivals — and major retail and fashion industry leaders are taking note.

In recent Lana Del Rey fashion news, on April 10, she broke her silence on social media by posting a picture of her getting highlights in her hair on Instagram.

In addition, fashion and style magazines are dropping Lana Del Rey’s name for good reasons. Top name festivals across America that feature Lana Del Rey and others are starting up — and so are the style guides on trends for what-to-wear for 2015.

Lana Del Rey performs in 2014 at the Glastonbury, England Festival at Worthy Farm.

If you are wondering which look will eventually replace “women that look like Skrillex” (or Lagertha from The History Channel’s Vikings) magazines are suggesting that 2015 will be the summer of women that look like Lana Del Rey (sorry Skrillex… and Lagertha).

In other words, ladies its time to put your electric hair clippers down because Fashion-N-Style and others declares this to be the year of the Lana Del Rey fashion — with or without hair highlights. They state, “Coachella begins today, kicking off months and months of music festivals! In honor of festival season, we’ve created a gallery of celebrities wearing a festival fashion staple: flower crowns.”

Fashion-N-Style goes on to show a picture of Lana Del Rey performing in Italy in 2013 in a lacy white dress with a prominent white, stretch-lace flower headband.

Lana Del Rey at the Paris 'La Fete De La Musique' At L'Olympiain 2014.

True Lana Del Rey fans are aware that she is setting the tone for fashion worldwide as she gains popularity — and being included as a trendsetter for 2015 festival fashion is no surprise. As previously published by the Inquisitr, her hairstyles are being mimicked for the 2015 prom season — and the top German fashion magazines adore her taste in clothes.

In particular, Lana Del Rey’s styles during her performances will be where a lot of the women’s fashion festival trends come from, top stylists suggest. For example, Fader Magazine puts things into perspective with their review of 2015 festival clothes specifically targeted by retailers like H&M. The ready-to-wear fashion retailer has an H&M Loves Coachella collection on their website.

About the types of themes in that clothing collection, Fader says, “The collection’s look-book features colt-like models kicking dust on a deserted stretch of highway that looks like something straight out of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’ video. T-shirts are tied at the waist to reveal swatches of skin between shirt and jorts; dresses look like they’re designed to ripple and float in the desert air.”

Lana Del Rey at Lollapalooza 2013 and in 2014 in Spain.

Fader also reminds us that H&M loves to sponsor festivals with or without Lana Del Rey — so they definitely have an edge on understanding the range of fashion trends fans love.

Where are stylists getting their information about fashion trends and Lana Del Rey? As it appears, festivals like SXSW gave stylists examples of fashion that was trending in 2015 — and then made the connection to Lana Del Rey’s past style choices on stage.

Regardless, the focus on festival fashion goes much deeper than H&M. In fact, My San Antonio recently posted an article from the Associated Press that states, “So what is the Coachella look? Think hippie meets hipster: lots of fringe and crochet, with a requisite floral headband or floppy sun hat. Just google ‘Vanessa Hudgens Coachella.'”

The Associated Press also declares that fashion history is being made and Lana Del Rey is a part of it. They state, “The Council of Fashion Designers of America is adding the festival to its calendar for the first time this year. CFDA chief Steven Kolb said Coachella shapes today’s fashion much like the Woodstock festival did in the early 1970s.”

The Steven Kolb quote included information about the Lana Del Rey-influenced festival fashions for 2015 is, “It’s the curation of artists and diversity of music that worked. That’s always been true with music and fashion. Music has always influenced fashion and vice versa… So for our industry to harness that was just a natural evolution.”

The Associated Press included in this article a picture of Lana Del Rey wearing a bright colored floral dress at the 2014 Coachella event.

Lana Del Rey continues a bright floral dress theme over two days of Coachella 2014 performances.

Naturally, anyone that wants to get these looks can take a peek at old Lana Del Rey live performance videos from the past few years — and then cross compare those clothing styles to ones found in crowd photos from SXSW, Coachella, and festivals that invited Lana Del Rey.

The new “Endless Summer” tour will begin on May 7 in Florida. with Courtney Love and pickup Grimes for the tour on May 28. Sadly, Lana Del Rey will not be at Coachella this year, but no doubt her style (and new highlights?) will be present in the crowd.

[Feature image via Instagram. All pictures via Getty Images.]