Justin Whittington: Bakersfield Man Arrested For Punching Toddler Inside Store, New Video Shows Further Abuse

Bakersfield man Justin Whittington was arrested for punching his toddler son inside a grocery store, and now new video shows even more of the violent and disturbing incident.

Video of the brutal attack went viral on Thursday after a store employee shared it with the internet. The video was among the highest-voted stories on the link-sharing site Reddit, though at the time the Bakersfield man seen striking the toddler was not identified.

The video showed a young boy running through the store, then showed his father running to the boy and delivering a hard punch that sent the boy sprawling to the ground, crying. The man then yanked the child up by his arm, where another woman took the boy’s arm and walked him out of the store.

The original video can be seen here, but be warned that it is disturbing: