‘Polka Kings:’ The Chardon Polka Band New Show TV Season Premiere Tonight On Reelz

Polka Kings, a new, promising hit show, will make its debut on Reelz TV channel tonight, just after the next season of Hollywood Hillbillies. Polka Kings, aka the Chardon Polka Band, is a quirky new Ohio-base band made up of two guys and one girl. The Polka Kings show will follow Jake, Emily, and Mike on frequent road trips between Ohio and Florida as they are on their quest to become famous and make it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Polka music originated in 19th century Bohemia and is still a staple in Europe and some parts of America. What makes the Polka Kings, aka The Chardon Polka Band, stand out is their style of dress, their unique make-up, their wittiness, and their youth. The Polka Kings‘ music, which blends elements of rock and grunge, adds a new twist to traditional Polka music and makes it more appealing to the masses—particularly younger Americans. Jake, the group leader, believes that the United States is a melting pot–a combination of different styles and flavors—just like their music. Get used to it. The Polka Kings are the new face of Polka.

Reelz television viewers are also looking forward to the show as indicated in some of their comments.

“Gotta love Polka!!”

“Oh My! We can’t wait!!!!”

“ohh yeah!can’t wait.”

According to Vindy.com, Jake knows exactly why the fans and the viewers will love them.

“We are eccentric and weird to begin with, so it was easy to develop us for TV,” said Kouwe. “We already have an onstage personality. Mine is very much the same when I’m off stage, but there is that switch that you flip. I get a little crazier and maniacal on stage.”

Meet the Polka Kings group members. The Reelz site describes them this way.
Jake Kouwe: Jake is the leader of the group. You’ll love his humor and his drive to make this band a success.

Emily Burke: Emily is Jake’s longtime girlfriend, and the only girl in the group. She keeps em’ in check.

Mike Franklin: Mike is the heavyset but cute self-proclaimed ladies man. Follow him on his quest to get girls.

Paul Coates: Paul is the a quiet but very strange member of the group.

Pops: (Don’t know his real name) is the oldest member of the group. He provides the Polka Kings with old age wisdom and guidance to keep them on their toes.

Polka Kings is sure to serve up a lot of spice, zest, and humor to your Saturday nights. Watch it on REELZ channel Saturday, April 11 at 9:30pm ET.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]