‘Terra’s Little Family’ Starts Off With A Big Question For Star Terra Jole

Little Women stars Terra Jole and longtime boyfriend Joe Gnoffo, have been starring on the hit Lifetime show for two seasons, and now the couple has gotten their own spin-off show called Terra’s Little Family. Terra’s new show aired on Wednesday night to the delight of her fans, and already it’s making big news. It looks like not only will the show be documenting Terra’s pregnancy, but there could be some wedding planning in her future as well.

On the season premiere of the show, Terra’s boyfriend Joe Gnoffo finally decided to pop the question. He starts off the surprise proposal by taking Jole on a helicopter ride to a secluded hilltop, where he had planned another surprise for his girlfriend.

“Stay in there Penny, don’t ruin daddy’s surprise for mommy,” Joe said before the two were whisked away in a helicopter.

When Terra and Joe reached their destination, the two stepped off a helicopter to a beautiful table that was set for two. Terra was so surprised when she saw that not only had Joe planned this day out, but he had also set up a wonderful picnic for the two of them to enjoy.

“It felt like something out of a book, it was so romantic, and sweet, and special,” Terra said about her surprise picnic with Joe.

During the picnic, the couple talked about possible baby names for their first-born. Terra is in love with the name Charlie, which is short for the name Charlevoix, a town where Terra used to visit when she was a child. Joe wants to name his daughter Penelope, which is the name he has been referring to her as since the couple found out they were having a girl.

“How about you, me, and Penelope stay together… will you marry me?” Joe said as he popped the question.

Joe says that they have talked about marriage in the past, but just never felt that the time was right. Now with the impending birth of a baby, and considering the amount of time he has been with Terra, he says that an engagement is a long time coming.

Both Terra and Joe suffer from a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia, which is a type of disorder that causes short limbs. Due to the couples dwarfism, Terra’s pregnancy is considered to be high-risk. At 35 weeks, Terra’s gynecologist recommended that the reality star get an MRI to check for water on the baby’s brain, a condition commonly referred to as hydrocephalus.

The doctor even recommended that Terra deliver her baby early, because of the high-risks involved for the baby during her pregnancy. Even though the couple has faced a roller coaster of emotions during their pregnancy, all their fears were washed away on March 16, 2015 when they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo into the world. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Terra’s daughter was born at a healthy six pounds, two ounces.

Terra’s fans will have to tune into Terra’s Little Family next week to see if the reality star accepts her boyfriends heartfelt proposal, because the show ended without Joe getting an answer to his big question.

[Photo courtesy of Lifetime]