Taylor Swift To Leave Jay Z’s Tidal? Apple In Talks With Singer About New Beats Music Service

Taylor Swift has already joined Jay Z’s new streaming service, Tidal, which has received its share of backlash and criticism from the media. Now it looks like the singer is in talks with Apple about its new Beats music service, according to a new Bloomberg report. Does that mean Taylor will leave Jay Z’s Tidal in favor of Apple’s Beats?

The report says that Apple has approached Taylor Swift about a new deal that could help revamp the already dead Beats Music service. The tech giant is also in talks with dozens of artists including Florence and The Machine. The band reportedly has a new album coming out in June.

Apple, like Tidal, will have to convince music listeners to pay for its new service. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services on the internet since it offers a free service. Apple wants to approach as many popular artists like Swift as possible in hopes to get people to pay for its new service, according to the Bloomberg report.


Apple is hoping to revamp the Beats Music service with a new name. It will reportedly cost $9.99 for individuals and $14.99 per month for families, according to the report. It could also bring direct competition with Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service, which also costs $9.99 per month, according to the Business Insider. The service also offers a $19.99 monthly service for high-fidelity listening.

Taylor Swift wasn’t the only pop singer to jump onboard. Beyonce and Rihanna have already signed on with Tidal and offered their exclusive singles and music videos. Swift reportedly removed her discography from Spotify after the company refused to restrict her new album, 1989, on its pay tier. The singer has been outspoken about music piracy and illegal downloading. Alicia Keys, one of Tidal’s owners, says that the streaming service “puts the power back in the artists’ hands.”

Apple is hoping that Taylor joins their streaming service as well. It could bring in many of Swift’s fans and other music lovers that wouldn’t mind paying for a music subscription. Having access to exclusive content not offered on iTunes could also help the company win over new subscribers. Mac Rumors says that since millions of people already own iPhones and iPads, Apple can easily create a streaming service that would integrate with iTunes and be automatically installed on Apple devices.


Apple may plan to unveil its new Beats music service this summer. The company hopes to unveil it for the first time at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Do you think Taylor Swift will move her music library to Apple’s new music service?

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]