Jamar Nicholson: Teen Sues L.A.P.D. For $20 Million For Shooting Him In The Back

In latest news, Jamar Nicholson is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for $20 million, because they shot him in the back just before making his way to school one morning.

The incident happened on February 10, 2015, at Florence and 10th. However, Jamar says that he was in an alley trying out some new colognes before class, when he saw two individuals in collared shirts and ties come towards him and his friends while opening fire. He also mentioned that the police officers gave no warning, stating that none of them heard the officers approach them until shots were fired.

It had been two months since he returned to the area. However, Nicholson has decided to speak out as well as take action by suing the Los Angeles Police Department.

In an interview with NBC News, the teen told the network that it’s like seeing a ghost.

“It’s like seeing a ghost, because it’s where you got shot at. And it’s almost where you lost your life at. I still have these nightmares. I’m still paranoid. I had a dream that a bullet came out of my mouth, and when I woke up, my wound was bleeding. That’s scary.”

Jamar’s attorney, John Harris, had plenty to say about the L.A.P.D.’s methods of handling the teens.

“The officers never identified themselves or issued any command before shooting. When the shooting started, Jamar instinctively turned to his left. And whereby the bullet entered the right side of his torso, traversed down his back, crossed his spine and lodged in the lower, left-hand portion of his back.

Deadly force should be used only as a last resort. In this case, L.A.P.D. shot first and then asked questions later”

Andrew Smith, L.A.P.D Commander, mentioned that the officers were driving by when they saw one of the teens pointing the weapon at another. Though Nicholson and his friends claim that the officers didn’t announce themselves, the department says that they did, in fact, identify themselves while telling the teens to drop their weapon.

The weapon the police authorities thought was a real gun was only a toy. One of the teens was showing it to the others. Jamar was the only one shot and injured. Thus, he has filed a suit for $20 million against the city. Nicholson’s mother asserted a valid question during an interview with the news media.

“I would like to know why they shot my son — who didn’t have the replica gun — and didn’t shoot the kid that had the gun.”

With so many confusions about whether teens like Jamar and his friends were carrying real weapons, it raises a question as to why these toys are still allowed for sell? Should not they be banned, especially since multiple teens have already lost their lives due to similar misunderstandings?

What are your thoughts about Jamar Nicholson’s encounter with L.A.P.D.? With the department’s known past in cover-ups and misuse of deadly force, do you think their claim is legit?

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]