Jay Z Shares Wedding Video On His Seventh Anniversary, Giving Fans A Glimpse Of The Super-Secret Ceremony

Jay Z is celebrating his seventh wedding anniversary by taking fans on a trip down Memory Lane.

This week, the rapper shared on Instagram video of his 2008 wedding to Beyonce, giving fans a new glimpse at the very private ceremony that took place inside their New York City apartment.

Though the couple has been very private about their nuptials, this isn’t the first time that Jay Z shared a snippet of their wedding. Last year, he and Beyonce included some of the video in a montage that played at their joint On The Run summer tour. The clip also made its way into their HBO concert special.

As Vanity Fair noted, the video shared this week does give some interesting details about the wedding, and a possible foreshadowing of their daughter’s name.

“Granted, the video is only 10 seconds long, but it does provide a glimpse of the closest thing the U.S. will ever have to a royal wedding. Honestly, we were a bit disappointed to see that Bey did not get married in an ivory bedazzled bodysuit, and did not fly suspended over the aisle rather than walk down it, Beyoncé-stadium-concert–style. But she did look gorgeous in a strapless gown, despite the many missed performance opportunities here. (In their defense, maybe they performed “Crazy in Love” together at the rehearsal.) Note that, in a bit of foreshadowing, Bey painted her wedding nails blue—the name of her and Jay Z’s future daughter. And consider the fact that Jay Z had a close-up of himself literally putting a ring on it means that the couple employed a second videographer to get detail shots of the wedding.”

It’s been quite a whirlwind year for Jay Z and Beyonce. As their summer tour was just starting to kick off, rumors began to spread that the couple was in deep trouble and nearing a split. There were ongoing reports that Jay Z was cheating and had cheated in the past, with some sources even claiming that Beyonce was getting the divorce process started.

Those reports never came to pass, and the couple marked the end of their tour with an extended vacation in Italy that included a renewal of their wedding vows.

Things now seem to be rock solid between Beyonce and Jay Z, as the sharing of the wedding video seems to signify. The clip can be seen here.

[Image via YouTube]