Lindsay Lohan SNL Promo Spot Targets Media Attention [Video]

Lindsay Lohan will be in New York City this Saturday to host NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live for the fourth time and in celebration of her upcoming appearance she shot several promo spots with SNL cast member Kenan Thompson.

In the promo skit Lohan and Kenan share the typical jibes we’ve come to expect from SNL promo spots with the one exception of her attack on the media and the attention she has receive, both good and bad, but mostly bad.

Talking to Lohan it’s Thompson who opens up the bag of worms in regards to media coverage of Lindsay:

“It’s unfortunate that everyone’s paid such little attention to you over the past few years,” Thomas joked.

To which Lohan quickly responds:

“I know! If only magazines and websites would have documented my activities more closely.”

Lindsay then adds:

“America could have used more information about me, and maybe even a picture or two.”

Here’s are the promo spots for this Saturday’s shows:

Whether or not Lindsay Lohan is actually poking fun at herself because she realizes how crazy she’s been over the last several years is yet to be seen, you may recall that during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards she also poked fun at herself but then continued to get in more trouble in the following months.

What did you think of the Lindsay Lohan SNL promo spots? Did she do a good job attacking the media and is it just me or was she a bit awkward when talking to Keenan Thompson?