Three-Year-Old Girl Mimics NFL Combine Players During Drills [Video]

The NFL Combine has a new audience and it’s 3-year-old girls looking to show what they’ve got in terms of mad football skills. At least that was the case this past week when 3 1/2-year-old Grace Trautner of Wisconsin was caught on tape by dad and Packers Fan Duane Trautner.

The little girl was watching an NFL Combine broadcast when she began to mimic the steps of each NFL prospect as they moved through various obstacles meant to gauge their physical prowess ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft.

“This started with Grace calling [the players at the combine] with long hair or earrings girls,” Duane said. “Then, she just joined in on the fun.”

Apparently this was more then just a little girl mimicking the players, her dad says she’s a hardcore football fan while Duane adds:

“She is NOT happy that it’s over and can’t wait for training camp to start. And yes, she will be in Green Bay to take it in.”

Apparently Duane is raising his daughters right, his 7-year-old sister is also a football fan but she doesn’t have her own viral mimic video at the moment.

As Duane told Yahoo Sports:

“Thank God I didn’t have boys. These little girls do enough damage.”

Here’s the video:

What did you think of the little girls football skills?