April 10, 2020
Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick Surprise 'Trolls' Superfans On Video Chat

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to demand a lot from healthcare workers across the United States, The Today Show offered a special surprise to the children of one nurse who was doing everything she could to fight the virus. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, who star in Trolls: World Tour, popped up during host Hoda Kotb's interview with the kids, who are big Trolls fans.

Stacie Kelly is an emergency room nurse who's fighting the virus in New York City, while her husband Mark and their four children quarantine themselves at their home in Gardner, Kansas. On Friday's episode of Today, Hoda told Kelly's story, explaining that she had volunteered to travel to New York City -- which is considered an epicenter of the virus -- in order to do what she could to help. Since she arrived, she's been working 15-hour shifts at different hospitals throughout the city.

Her children -- Camryn, McClain, Delaynie and Sullivan -- told Kotb they are very proud of their mom. Kotb then said she had heard the kids love Trolls. Moments later, Kendrick and Timberlake popped into the video chat, surprising the children.

"Hi Poppy!" one of the kids said to Kendrick, who responded by exclaiming about how cute the kids are.

"Are you guys so proud of your mom? You must think she's the best mom in the world," Kendrick asked the kids.

They agreed and Timberlake said she was his hero as well. Kendrick then got the kids to admit that Poppy was their favorite Troll, much to Timberlake's dismay. The actress also addressed the kids' father, who was watching the kids by himself while his wife was off saving lives.

"We're really grateful to you, Dad, for holding down the fort with those four little angels. I'm sure that they give you no trouble and that they do everything you ask them to do," she said.

Timberlake added that he knew how hard parenting could be and had trouble imagining Mark's situation.

"Mark, I got one 5-year-old and it's hard for me to get him to sleep, so I don't know how [you do it]. You're my other hero, bro," Timberlake said.

Earlier this week, the singer had opened up about his life in quarantine with his wife Jessica Biel and their son Silas, People reports. In an interview on SiriusXM, he said that 24-hour parenting was "just not human," and said Silas needs a break from his parents just as often as they need one from him.