Charge your batteries in less time than getting a coffee

One of the biggest problems we face when it comes to things like laptops, cell phones and even electric vehicle is the amount of time needed to recharge the batteries. This is because the material being used in these batteries, lithium ion, while being ideal for storing large amounts of energy is notoriously slow in accepting a recharge. As well they are relatively slow in giving off that energy which helps to account for the life expectancy of lithium ion batteries but at the same time creates definite problems for quick recharging.

This could change radically within the next 5 years as a groups of MIT engineers have developed a type of high-speed tunnel for transporting electrical energy through lithium iron phosphate – a well know lithium ion battery material. This astounding discovery could bring us batteries that fully discharge and recharge in seconds, rather than the hours it does today. An additional benefit would be batteries that are lighter and more powerful than today’s models.

As an additional bonus, because of the revamped surface structure of the new material, it did not degrade as much over repeated discharge and recharge cycles, making the batteries last longer.

The end result is the possibility of creating smaller, lighter batteries (because less material is used to generate the same amount of electricity). And by being able to recharge them in seconds, a quick trip to a local communal “power station” will provide a full-up recharge in the same amount of time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

Source: TG Daily