Leonard Nimoy Set to Guest Star on “Big Bang Theory”

Leonard Nimoy is set to guest star on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” For those who do not remember, Nimoy announced two years ago that “I will not be doing any more television or movie acting or directing.” Apparently the directors of the show were convincing enough to change his mind.

Nimoy began his acting career in 1951, playing a filler part in “Queen for A Day.” He is most known for his role as Spock in “Star Trek”, which ran from 1966 to 1986. He was also in the most recent “Star Trek” movie, which starred Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, and Zachary Quinto as the Young Spock.

Nimoy is the fifth actor from a “Star Trek” series to appear on the show (previous appearances include LeVar Burton, and recurring appearances by Wil Wheaton, who is Sheldon’s nemesis. Sheldon is a child prodigy, and theoretical physicist, who has a very unhealthy obsession with Leonard Nimoy’s “Star Trek” character Spock. In fact, we learn that Spock has a a restraining order against Sheldon (perhaps this is a good thing, considering how Sheldon reacted in a episode where Penny acquired a vial of Spock’s saliva, then gave it to Sheldon).

Now, for you Trekkies out there who were hoping for a big appearance by Nimoy, I’m sorry to say that he is simply lending his voice in a dream sequence. Of course, it is likely to be a huge shock for Sheldon, as is is his dreams that Spock will be haunting.

Are you looking forward to Leonard Nimoy’s appearance as Spock in “The Big Bang Theory” episode set to air on March 29th?