Tiger Woods: Navy SEALs Deny Training With Golfer

Tiger Woods’ former coach, Hank Haney, claims in “The Big Miss,” his new book, that Woods’ obsession with becoming a Navy SEAL eventually led to his participation in what he called:

“a program that approximated the training for a Navy SEAL candidate.”

Navy SEALs on the other hand denied Tiger Woods had ever trained with them and had no knowledge of his intent to retire from his successful golf career to pursue a career in the Navy SEALs. While Woods did indeed visit the Naval Special Warfare Center located off the coast of San Diego on Coronado Island, a celebrity visit is certainly not uncommon and the Navy SEALs are apparently more than obliged to accommodate requests from people of high visibility. Captain William Fenick characterized his visit to the base as what he referred to as “a walk and talk.” Capt. Fenick went on to tell FoxSports.com:

“We did give him the opportunity to shoot a couple of guns at our range but as for the reports that he was doing SEALs training, he didn’t do that with us.”

Woods’ former coach, Haney, goes onto write in his book:

“To my knowledge, he [Tiger Woods] did training in parachuting, self-defense, urban-warfare simulations and shooting.”

Certainly a stark contrast between the two portraits being painted. While Capt. Fenick of the Navy SEALs depicts Woods’ visit to the SEALs base as ordinary in the sense that other persons of high visibility, including CEOs and those in the entertainment industry, have made similar visits to the SEALs base in order to enhance their understanding of what it is the elite special forces group does.

Tiger Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, has conveyed his belief that Hank Haney has twisted the legendary golfer’s words into what he called “something negative.”

What do you think of Hank Haney’s latest claims regarding Tiger Woods?