Louis Tomlinson Drama Wave: A Month Of Heartbreak And Angry Words

Louis Tomlinson started incurring drama before Zayn Malik left One Direction -- and things have only gotten worse. Over the past month, Louis Tomlinson was embroiled in controversy over cheating rumors in Thailand. Around a month ago, Louis Tomlinson was also stressed because the Philippine government demanded he take a drug test before performing in that country.

Days later, on March 21, it was announced by People Magazine that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder had split up for good after four years -- because of cheating rumors.

On March 24, Louis Tomlinson took another hit to his heart when he lost his best friend, Zayn Malik, after he quit One Direction. Sadly, since the end of One Direction with Zayn, it has been one headline after another about the drama between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy.

Starting around March 30, only one week after Zayn Malik quit One Direction, he released a demo temporarily on Soundcloud that was done with Naughty Boy. In response to Naughty Boy's tweet about the demo, Louis Tomlinson replied with anger.

While many words have been exchanged over the incident, over 10 days after the event started, Naughty Boy is still bitter with Louis Tomlinson.

Heat World published an interview with Naughty Boy over the Louis Tomlinson Twitter war on April 7. Naughty Boy maintains during his conversation about the Twitter war with Louis Tomlinson that after Zayn Malik left One Direction, Zayn was deliberately being "provoked." Naughty Boy defends his actions and says Louis Tomlinson was "deliberately adding to the provoking."

Naughty Boy goes on to discuss Louis Tomlinson's reaction, saying, "I don't think that's fair. Especially on Zayn, that's not fair. Right now, there needs to be calm. He [Louis Tomlinson] could have said that to me privately. Doing it openly is another act of provocation that's not needed."

Naughty Boy continues the interview by defending Zayn Malik against people like Louis Tomlinson.

"I've been his [Zayn's] friend. He needs one. Just because we were seen at my studio – you [don't] necessarily just make music. People seem to forget that he's under so much stress."

Despite everything, as previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, during their April 4 show in Dubai, Liam Payne stated to an audience member that they were truly doing okay with their post-1D relationship with Zayn Malik. This is certainly reassuring, as reports since them seem to imply that Zayn Malik is being snubbed (or even harassed via Naughty Boy) by Louis Tomlinson and the remaining members of One Direction.

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