Weinstein’s Radius After Ryan Gosling’s ‘Only God Forgives’

According toDeadline Hollywood there’s already fast motion on Ryan Gosling and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn’s next collaboration Only God Forgives.

Right now the duo are currently filming the motion picture in Thailand, but that’s not stopping the Weinstein’s from getting the ball rolling on the project. Radius, the Weinstein’s distribution company, which is headed by Tom Quinn and Jason Janego is currently in negotiations in the US to acquire the film for distribution rights.

So far it’s the second deal that Radius has acquired that involves Refn after they acquired the first film Refn directed, a remake of Pusher. The surprise of Radius acquiring Only God Forgives after it was almost a lock for Drive distributor FilmDistrict, but the deal didn’t close with issues over the film to blame.

Only God Forgives is reportedly about a police lieutenant and a gangster and how they settle their differences in a Thai-boxing match. The film is to be said a hard rated R, with explosive action, which is what critics said Drive lacked.

If the deal goes through this should be the third high profiled project that Radius has took on. Another recent deal for Radius is Bachelorette after its Sundance premiere.