A UK rollercoaster called “The Swarm” is so badass it can take your arms off [Video]

I can safely say that I have never ridden on a rollercoaster and I will never ride on one no matter how badass it might be but I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that when this monstrosity opens up to the public that people will be lining up halfway around Britain to ride it.

I am of course talking about a new rollercoaster coming to Thorpe Park in England called “The Swarm”, which apparently toss you around like a rag doll at speeds up to 62 mph. It seems that during testing of The Swarm the test dummies that they used came back from a spin around the rollercoaster missing some of their limbs.

No you will never catch me on this but you decide for yourself after watching the video how you feel about it.

via Obvious Winner