Julia Roberts Lists Beachfront Hawaii Plantation For Sale At $30 Million

Julia Roberts is bidding farewell to her gorgeous Hawaiian estate and it's certainly not a cheap goodbye. Recently, the Oscar-winning actress has reportedly listed her Hanalei home for sale at a price of $29.85 million.

The 3,792 square foot property boasts a panoramic view of Hanalei Bay and the lush mountain range of Kauai. Known to locals as "Faye Estate" or "Faye Property," it sits in front of a 200 foot stretch of beach. Should the new owner opt for expansion, the estate also has an extra space of 9,000 square feet.

The property's main house is reminiscent of homes built during the sugar plantation era in Hawaii. Mail Online describes its style as "rustic for a star of Roberts' caliber." Nonetheless, the charming house boasts a spacious interior, with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. Each room has open-beam ceilings and wall-to-wall windows, giving homeowners an exhilarating view of the surrounding landscape.Faye estate is named after its original owner, who purchased the property in 1915, sugar plantation executive Hans Peter Faye. To expand his beachfront property, the sugar magnate also bought the surrounding properties. This is why Roberts' property has twice as much beachfront space than its neighbors.

Formerly, the home was located much nearer to the beach but because of a tidal wave in 1957, it was pushed to the center of the property. The house's bottom floor was severely damaged, but the top area remained intact. Unfortunately, the cottage adjacent to the main house was destroyed and had to be built from the wreckage.

Online critics point out that whoever gets to purchase the actress' Hawaiian home sure is one lucky gal or guy. The new owner would score a magnificent piece of property, but would also earn the bragging rights to owning a home once graced by an award-winning actress.

However, POPSUGAR thinks that the actress is making a wrong decision. They wrote, "You know that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts goes back to the fancy boutique to let the snooty clerk know that she'd made a 'big mistake … big. Huge!' by refusing to sell her clothes the day before? Well, we kinda feel like she's making a similarly big mistake by selling her scenic Hawaiian getaway."

While waiting for a buyer, Roberts is currently putting up the home and adjoining cottage for rent.

[Main image via Getty Images]