Man Spends 48th Birthday On Crime Spree [Video]

Crime Scene Investigation, David Calvert/Getty Images

How would you like to celebrate your birthday? Some people would say at a favorite restaurant or at a party. Police stated that Ronald Anderson of the District of Columbia, spent his 48th birthday on a crime spree in Washington and Maryland, according to Fox KMPH, Channel 26.

On April 9, Anderson kidnapped his girlfriend at gunpoint from a street in D.C. He forced her into a green Honda Accord at 5:30 p.m. About a half hour later, a guard at the Census Bureau in Maryland saw Anderson and his girlfriend fighting inside the car. Anderson shot the unfortunate guard, Lawrence Buckner, 59, who later died from his wounds. Buckner was contracted to work for the federal government through the Maryland-based company, Master Security. Working in the security field for over two decades, he leaves behind a wife, son, and four grandchildren as well as a large extended family.

Anderson then returned to Washington at about 7:30 p.m. and got into a high-speed chase and subsequent shootouts with police, which left both Anderson and an officer wounded, according to the Daily Mail. The officer is reported to be in good condition. A video link of the story can be seen here.

Anderson was taken to a hospital in critical condition. He was charged in D.C. with armed kidnapping and assault on a police officer, and more serious charges are expected to be filed in Maryland, where the guard was killed, according to the Associated Press.

Later, Anderson’s criminal history emerged, and it turned out that he was no stranger to the police. Court records demonstrate that he was arrested on February 17 for assaulting his girlfriend, with whom he lived, in the D.C. suburb of Prince George’s County.

When police, who went to investigate a domestic dispute, arrived, the 20-year-old woman was distressed, found in tears. An officer wrote the following, according to the Associated Press.

“The victim was shaking, crying and was whispering while speaking because she was afraid of the suspect hearing her.”

The woman told police that Anderson had hit her several times, believing that she was looking at another man. She had a 10-month-old child that was in the home. The trial for the assault charge is scheduled for July; a drug charge that was going to be dropped was not in light of the crime spree.

A review of Anderson’s record demonstrated that he pleaded guilty to manslaughter while armed in 1991 in Washington, D.C., although there are no details regarding the case. He also pleaded guilty to crimes including cocaine possession, simple assault, and reckless driving.

In another recent crime in Washington, D.C., a man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on the western steps of the U.S. Capitol Saturday afternoon, sending the area into a precautionary security lockdown, according to an Inquisitr article.

[Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images]