YouTube star Cody Simpson Plans For Star-Studded Album

Cody Simpson, the YouTube sensation that caught the eye of producer Shawn Campbell and later signed with Atlantic Records, is planning for his first full length album with star-studded guests.

The singer revealed to that amongst other names, there’s a huge possibility that pop sensation Justin Bieber will collaborate with Cody. “We have a bunch of ideas floating around at the moment. He just hit me up one time — ‘OK, come into the studio tonight.’ I dropped by and it was artist to artist…and you play some of the stuff you’ve been working on and Justin played me a lot of the stuff on his upcoming album. It has to be the right song, and whether or not we sing on it together or whether I write a song for his album or he writes a song for mine, I don’t know. But we’ve been working together, and the fans are very excited.

In 2010 Cody released an EP that faired well amongst fans of the pop singer, including the Flo Rida hit “iYiYi”. The singer acknowledged the time gap between his EP release and his upcoming album stating, “I want to take my time and really perfect it before it comes out. I’m a big perfectionist, and I like to make sure everything 120 percent, from the production to the vocal performance to the lyrics, the melody and everything. There’s a lot of different things to think about. I just want to take my time and make sure everything’s perfect in my eyes before I really put it out and show the world what we have coming for them.”

What other collaborations would you like to see Cody take on? Do you think his album is going to do well? Sound off here!