‘Anonymous’ Hacktivist Group Fights Vineland P.D. For Phillip White

An Anonymous video demands answers after the Vineland Police Department, in New Jersey, abuses a man while in custody and allegedly allows him to die.

In case you haven’t followed the story, on March 31, 2015, Vineland Police were caught on video committing unethical behavior. Phillip White, while in custody for erratic behavior, was beaten and stomped repeatedly — and even bitten in his face by the K-9 unit — all while being restrained.

However, in latest news — according to the obtained EMS audio — the call-out said that White was only hyper-ventilating. Yet, the initial police call stated that they didn’t know what was wrong with him, only that he was “screaming out.”

Much of the online video footage isn’t from the police officers’ dash cameras but is from a civilian’s cell phone camera.

Well, in search for truth, Anonymous has gotten involved in the matter. This group demands that the dash recordings be released, as well as the police officers’ names who were involved. Anonymous released a video detailing its expectations from the department.

“This is absolute grotesque behavior displayed by the police department. We know the identities of the two officers who initially encountered Phillip. We also have the identity of the K-9 officer who let his dog attack a non-combatant citizen. Our demands are simple.

  1. Release the names for the two officers who arrested Phillip, and put them on paid, administrative leave.
  2. Release the name of the K-9 officer who released his canine on Phillip, and relieve him of duty — pending charges.
  3. Release all dash-cam footage pertaining to this investigation.

Vineland Police Department and the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office have 24 hours to comply to our demands. Or we [Anonymous] will release the names of the officers… including all personal information for each officer.

For every hour these names are not released, we will release a name and all personal information — beginning with the Cumberland County Prosecutor to the last member hired by the Vineland Police Department.

We [Anonymous] will also begin cyber attacks on your websites and databases until those demands are met. Vineland City New Jersey Police Department and the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, the clock is ticking. We are Anonymous.”

Since the departments had not shown cooperation as requested in the video, Anonymous released two names from the office, along with accompanying personal information. And according to NBC News, the law agency is doing all it can to protect those particular officers.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think Anonymous is rightfully involved? Do you feel that the police department should cooperate? Or does that fall into “negotiating with terrorists”?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Anonymous, YouTube]