Rockstar Pope Francis Is Releasing His First Pop Song

You probably didn’t think that Pope Francis couldn’t be any more of a rock-star after working as a bouncer in Argentina and taking on the mafia earlier this year. But he’s now managed to enhance his reputation by releasing his very own pop song.

That’s right, Pope Francis helped to write the lyrics to “Para Que Todos Sean Uno,” which translates as “So We Can All Be One.” Pope Francis worked together with Odino Faccia, an Italian-Argentinian musician, to create the track.

Written in Spanish, Faccia’s composition is made up of the pope’s own words, and, according to Crux Now, the pair want it to be a hymn for peace. Faccia, who has admitted that he has a “close and trusting relationship” with Francis, was picked out by the pope to score the track.

The pair are believed to have become friends after the ceremony to canonize Popes John Paul II and John XXIII on April 27, 2014, which marked the first occasion that the songwriter performed in St. Peter’s Square.

Their friendship developed because the pope appreciates music that promotes peace and values. In fact, speaking to Italian press, Faccia described just how close he is to Pope Francis, declaring, “I felt like the Pope was very close to me. To me he is like a friend, a father, a grandfather.”

With full support from Pope Francis, Faccia composed “So We Can All Be One,” which he wrote after considering the best way to relay a message of peace to the entire world. According to CBS, Faccia then amassed the lyrics to the song by collecting phrases that the pope used in his homilies.

However, Faccia made to sure that he got the pope’s approval before he finalized the song, as he showed him the lyrics in advance. The pope was more than happy with his work, though, and then allowed Faccia to proceed with the recording.

Faccia performed the song for the first time on Palm Sunday mass, which took place on March 30, in front of Pope Francis, and he confirmed that the pope told him he “really liked the song.”

The opening lyrics to the three-minute song declare, “This message is of light and hope,” while the chorus includes, “So that all may be one, gone are the walls, only the value of the encounter remains… that is the bridge to peace.”

Other passages include, “The future is in your mind, your hands and your heart. So we can all be one. Unity is the path… an alliance always open to love and truth.”

“So We Can All Be One” is only available in Spanish at the moment, but Faccia confirmed that the plan is to produce versions in English, Italian, Polish, Arabic, and Portuguese, too.

[Image via the Star]