Betty White and Slash Star Together in Zoo Commercial

Slash and Betty White may seem like an odd couple but the two have a lot in common. They were both big in the 80s, their careers both refuse to die, and they both love animals. The Golden Girl and the Guns N’ Roses rocker just teamed up to film a new commercial for the LAIR exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The new commercial features Slash and White looking into one of the tanks at the LAIR (Living Amphibian, Invertabaes, and Reptiles) exhibit.

White says:

“You can tell which ones are male and which ones are female due to their fingerpads.”

Slash replies:

“Really? That’s cool.”

Betty White and Slash filmed five commercials for the LAIR Exhibit.

Gary Greenberg, EVP and chief creative officer at Allen & Gerritsen, said that both Slash and White sit on the L.A. Zoo’s board and have donated time to help promote the nex exhibit.

Greenberg told CBS:

“They had such incredible chemistry. It’s funny, between takes Slash would have his hand on her shoulder.”

The LAIR exhibit features poison dart frogs, bearded iguanas, and the largest amphibian in the world, the Chinese Giant Salamander.

Here’s one of the new commercials featuring Betty White and Slash for the LAIR exhibit.