Romanian Brothers Are Super Young But Incredibly Strong [Video]

Giuliano and Claudi Stroe may only be seven and five-years old but they are incredibly strong, that probably has something to do with the fact that both brothers started a workout and weight lifting regime created by their father when they were only 2-years-old.

Located in Galati, Romania the brothers work out to the same weight regiment that their father follows for two-hours every single morning.

The boys are absolutely adorable in their video (featured below) which is to say a lot for a couple of boys who can probably beat up a group of kids their own age or even older without breaking a sweat.

How strong are the boys exactly? It turns out that Giuliano holds the world record for 90-degree vertical push-ups and for the “human flag.”

Some experts will likely argue that this type of workout routine isn’t good on the young boys bodies but their physical capabilities and a lack of body fat leaves a lot of questions open for debate at this time.

Regardless of what the health outcome might be for these boys as their bodies continue to mature, it’s hard not to be amazed not only by their strength but also to their commitment to training. I personally don’t know any five and seven-year old kids that put so much effort into a regular 2-hour routine everyday unless it involves video games or cartoons.

Here’s the video:

I can’t get over the feeling that these two boys are going to end up like the Family Guy strongmen characters Phineas & Barnaby. If they start making funny circus type noises and hop on over-sized bikes with a super large front wheel their dad should be very worried.