Taylor Swift Poses For Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar

When she’s not busy selling a bazillion and one records to 13-year-old girls Taylor Swift can be found looking super-sexy for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

The singer/songwriter recently took some time to pose for the magazine and the result is a surprisingly sexy and sophisticated high-fashion shoot that almost completely strips away the singers “too innocent for words to explain” exterior.

Taylor on the cover photo is sporting a Gucci dress and she also sat down with the Australian version of the magazine to talk about the next leg of her massively huge Speak Now Work Tour.

“I’m really excited about going back to Australia and New Zealand because, well, New Zealand, it’s the first time I’ve ever been there, and the Australian fans have been so good to me.”

“And this will be my third time going back there. I loved this show so much, the Speak Now Tour, that I didn’t necessarily want to put it down. I hope they like it. I love going there. It’s always really wonderful. The people are so nice.”

Between posing for amazing cover photo shoots and releasing albums that are guaranteed to go multi-platinum Taylor Swift can also be heard lending her voice for the upcoming Dr. Seuss movie The Lorax in which she co-stars as Audrey, the love interest of Ted who is voice by Disney heartthrob Zac Efron.

Do you feel as if Taylor Swift can do no wrong with her good girl image that so far has actually managed to stay in place?