Drunk Man Who Chewed And Swallowed His Beer Bottle Gets Rushed To Hospital

When it comes to crazy stories of people drinking too much alcohol, the Australians are up there alongside the British with some of their drunken antics, as confirmed by a recent incident in Darwin, Australia.

When St. John paramedics were urgently called to a Wagaman home around 9 p.m. on Wednesday to deal with a 38-year-old man who had reportedly drunk more than a little too much, they didn’t expect to face the situation they found themselves in.

The man, who has so far not been named, reportedly finished drinking a bottle of beer, one of many he had consumed that night. He then decided to eat the glass bottle, including the label, before going for a lie down, as he said he wasn’t feeling good.

Superintendent Louise Jorgensen spoke to reporters about the bizarre incident, saying that the man ate the beer bottle “and then went for a lie down. His family then called police and St John, and he was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital.”

To make matters worse for the police and paramedics, Jorgensen added that the call on Wednesday was one of 500 the police had taken between the hours of 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.

She spoke about how responding to so many drunk incidents frustrates the local police in Darwin, while stretching their resources to absolute capacity.

“People are dismayed when we can’t respond to their jobs immediately, but this is why — because of all these other jobs that are coming in. General duties police are run off their feet by anti-social behaviour and Alice Springs is in a similar position,” she said.

For the cops of Darwin, the evening shift, ending at midnight, is usually the busiest, although this week was described by Jorgensen as “out of control.”

She told the press, “We got 500 calls (Wednesday) evening, and about 450 on Tuesday. Most of them are domestics, or anti-social and drunk behaviour.”

[Image credit: Wikihow.com]