Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow on Dinner Date? Dating Rumors Abound [Video]

Could it be possible? Country western sweetheart Taylor Swift is dating Evangelical good boy quarterback Tim Tebow?

According to a report from Celebuzz, the two were seen chatting more than month ago. At the time Tebow said he was really happy to have met and talked to her.

Now, it has been reported that the two have been spotted on a romantic dinner date in Los Angeles. The two sat down for dinner with two other guests.

A source told Clevver News,

“After dinner, he walked her out, and then he walked back to join two other people. think they may have been with their agents.”

Some people have speculated that it may have been some kind of business meeting but others have said the two looked really into each other.

Tebow is known for his evangelical background and has openly said he is saving himself for the right girl and for marriage. Swift has been ion some very high profile relationships and when they ended badly Swift wrote records about her exes. She’s reportedly written songs about rumored flings John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas.

Tebow was rumored to be interested in Katy Perry recently but the two are not an item.

This would be the sweetheart couple from heaven for the conservative and christian worlds in addition to setting the gossip mill on fire.

Do you think that Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow would make a cute couple?

Watch the video of the two out on a date (Exclusive to Clever News)