Kevin Dixon: Man Offers To Walk Neighbor’s Dog, Kills The Dog Instead

Kevin Dixon’s neighbor was initially pleased when he kindly offered to take her dog for a walk. However, the seemingly kind gesture turned into a horrific fatality because he killed her dog.

According to Metro, Amanda Hamer had suffered a whiplash injury following a car accident she was in. Since she couldn’t walk the dog herself, 35-year-old Dixon offered to do it for her. However, the dog’s walk didn’t last very long, because Dixon allegedly struck the dog with an ax after they left Hamer’s home.

According to court documentation, the dog was struck with the ax seven times. Dixon reportedly justified killing the dog by insisting that it was dangerous. The dog had bitten people on a number of occasions. It was confirmed that neighbors had reported the dog, but to no avail. Dixon then took it upon himself to seek retribution for the dog’s previous alleged actions because he feared the dog’s next victim may be a child. To make matters worse, he insists he didn’t cause the dog any “unnecessary suffering” because it reportedly died within 10 seconds of the brutal beating.

“He is regretful and it was not his intention to cause suffering to the animal,” Dixon’s attorney, Catherine McCullagh explained. “Clearly Mr Dixon’s actions are undesirable, if I can put it that way, as well as being found to be illegal. It was not the act of killing the animal. It was the causing of unnecessary suffering. The suffering would have been relatively short, a maximum of 10 seconds.”

The horrific way Dixon chose to kill the dog was considered “an inappropriate and inhumane manner.” Dixon was ultimately found guilty of animal cruelty. Although Hamer felt the horrific assault should have come with grave consequences, unfortunately, justice won’t be served where Hamer is concerned, because apparently Dixon will not face jail time.

According to Examiner, Dixon was actually charged because of how he chose to kill the dog instead of the horrific act itself. The loophole actually enabled him to escape time behind bars.

“The sentence is too light for somebody who has taken a member of the family,” Hamer said. “Tempa was part of the family, my daughter’s best friend. She absolutely loved him – she has had an awful time through this.”

It has been reported that Dixon received an 18-week prison sentence that has been suspended for two years. He is also not allowed to own an animal for 10 years. Of course, the ruling has sparked controversy, as many readers have raised questions about loopholes in animal cruelty laws.

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