Lana Del Rey: Who Else Will Be On Her 2015 Album?

Lana Del Rey fans are excited to hear that she is going to release Honeymoon in the near future — along with the start of her Endless Summer tour. Lana Del Rey is returning to the studio to record for a 2015 album release — but is Mark Ronson the only person with whom she will be collaborating?

Earlier in April, Brian Wilson announced that Lana Del Rey turned down his offer to record one of the most important tracks on his upcoming album. As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey was supposed to sing for the special lament song that Brian Wilson wrote about the Beach Boys’ final days.

In the past years, Lana Del Rey was rumored to be in talks about collaboration with Tyler the Creator, Marilyn Manson, A$AP Rocky, and Lady Gaga. While many of those did not pan out, Lana Del Rey actually did many collaborations with other artists like Bobby Womack and worked on special projects like Big Eyes.

Will any of these celebrity musicians make it onto Lana Del Rey’s new album? Naturally, much to the chagrin of many of Lana Del Rey’s true fans, she missed her chance to collaborate with Lou Reed before he died. The song Lana Del Rey was going to discuss with Lou Reed was “Brooklyn Baby.”

Lana Del Rey told the Guardian that she flew to NYC to meet Lou Reed, saying, “I took the red eye, touched down at 7 a.m. … and two minutes later he died.”

If we can take any of Lana Del Rey’s past collaborations to paint a picture of who she might invite to collaborate with on Honeymoon, there may be a little something German in Lana Del Rey’s next album. In January, according to Gigwise, Lana Del Rey released the official remix of “Black Beauty.”

Done by the German record label Tanz Dich Gluecklich, remix artists like Leex and Dinnerdate took on Lana Del Rey’s work and posted it to Soundcloud.

Of course, Lana Del Rey also released a single in January with Emile Haynie, “Wait For Life.” Haynie produced Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die in 2012, so this was Lana returning the favor. Was this collaboration a sign of more to come from Lana Del Rey and Emile Haynie for Honeymoon?

Two other loose possibilities for Lana Del Rey collaborations for Honeymoon include her ex-boyfriend and Courtney Love. Lana Del Rey asked Courtney Love to join her Endless Summer tour and also asked Grimes to put her name on the roster. Regardless, there were rumors emerging in November that speculated Courtney Love may have some collaboration potential with Lana Del Rey.

This rumor started due to an interview with Courtney Love in News Australia, where Courtney said she would “love” to do a collaboration with Lana Del Rey — if the opportunity ever arose. At this point, Lana Del Rey has not indicated that she would like to do a collaboration with Courtney Love — yet.

The other big possibility for a Lana Del Rey collaboration for Honeymoon is with her ex-boyfriend, Barrie James O’Neill of the band Kassidy. In December, Lana Del Rey posted a 14-second video clip of a duet she did with O’Neill on her Vevo account. Pitchfork released an update in January, stating that the “Riverside” song with Lana Del Rey and O’Neill will be on the 2015 Kassidy album.

The fact that Lana Del Rey and O’Neill were together from 2011 to 2014 and they have a rich history of working together on songs makes Barrie O’Neill a promising Honeymoon collaboration track possibility.

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