Puppy Who Fell Down 50-Foot Well Rescued By Firefighters

A puppy which fell down a 50-foot well on Tuesday at a Grant and Willow home in Fresno is safe and sound having been rescued by firefighters who worked tirelessly to save the dog.

The puppy, Timmy, a 6-week-old German Shepherd mix, fell into the hole after his curiosity got the better of him.

A firefighter at the scene said, "He is technically 50 feet down," saying to the trapped pup, "Don't shake buddy, don't shake, don't shake."

With a lot of hard work and creative thinking, another firefighter added, "Oh we got him, we got him! Little trouble maker."

Pete Martinez, who works for the Fresno Fire Department, said, "We just used one of our utility ropes and made a loop on the end and just tried to get it around the puppy in the right way."

Timmy's owner, 12-year-old Teresa, also spoke to reporters about the incident, saying, "I was like, how did he get in there? Because there was cardboard with a brick on top."

Even though the offending hole leading to the stiff drop in the well has been sealed for now, Teresa said she thinks Timmy was down the well all night.

"This morning when I was going to school, I heard him. But I thought they were playing and that they were ok in the garage. But they weren't," she said.

While Teresa worried all day at school, her aunt called the fire department, who were at the house when Teresa returned home.

Her aunt, Bertha Torres, told reporters, "I was just hoping the firefighters didn't give up on him."

Fortunately, the firefighters didn't give up on Timmy, and they reportedly worked for hours to get him to safety.

For the time being, Timmy is eating, drinking, and is generally in good health apart from a slight limp in one of his hind legs.

[Image credit: kcra.com]