25 Anonymous Members Arrested After Attacking Websites In Colombia and Chile

25 alleged members of the hacktivist group Anonymous were arrested during a massive raid that spanned throughout Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

Officials removed more than 250 mobile phones, computers and other IT equipment during several dozen arrests and the men taken into custody ranged from 17 through 40-years-old according to Interpol officials.

The raids follow several cyber attacks which took down websites in Colombia and Chile including the Colombian Ministry of Defence and the presidency and Chile’s national library among others.

Of the four people arrested in Madrid and Malaga two were released, including a minor while the other two men remain in custody.

Police also believe they have arrested a “manager” of Anonymous’ computer operations who operates branches of the organization throughout Spain and Latin America.

It’s hard to tell just how much power the Anonymous “manager” wields in the area since the group calls itself an “internet gathering” because it doesn’t necessarily rely on a structured organization to operate.

Anonymous typically attack websites and services that it believes have somehow wronged society. In terms of governmental websites the group typically claims that they must be taken down to teach governments a lesson.

Over the last year Anonymous has focused much of its efforts on protecting freedom of speech and web privacy for all users.

Do you think Anonymous has overstepped its bounds by breaking the law through website and services attacks?