'Book Of Yeezus' Turns Genesis Into 'The Kanye West Bible'

The Kanye West Bible is just as real as the mega star is, according to Fox Insider. A trio of "entrepreneurial brothers" combined the Book of Genesis with a foreword to create the Kanye West Bible known as the Book of Yeezus: A Bible for the Modern Day.

Kanye West is so insanely popular that calling him "God" is simply not good enough. To rectify this, a trio of brothers did took West's song, "I Am God," to heart and created the divine - a work called the Book of Yeezus.

The brothers wanted to show society how cultural icons could be so powerful. The Book of Yeezus does this by examining the "spectacle of media icons in the 21st century," according to the website.

Kanye West Black and White - Yeezus
Black and White Rendering of Kanye West for the Book of Yeezus.

They write on Etsy that the Book of Yeezus is not a replacement for any religion's traditional bible, does not "represent an undying devotion" to the now mega-iconic pop star (who just happens to be married to Kim Kardashian), and is not their way of poking fun at Kanye West.

In fact, the brothers did not intend for the Book of Yeezus to represent anything other than a study of how Generation Y and society as a whole represent its icons, according to the Q&A on the Etsy listing.

Some Kanye West fans are taking the Book of Yeezus in a lighthearted manner.

The description on Etsy explains that the Book of Yeezus is a pseudo-doctrine -- it is a reproduction of the Book of "Genesis" that celebrates mega icon Kanye West and his "grandeur."
"At its simplest, it is the book of Genesis, modified to feature 'Kanye ' or 'Yeezus' in the place of God or Y---A. 'In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and earth… And Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light.'"
Kanye West Book of Yeezus - Book of Genesis
Reading the Book of Genesis from the Book of Yeezus.

The brothers started the project by asking the question, "What if?" The foreword explains what they've found.

They tackled deep and varied questions such as what would happen if the Bible were "updated to reflect our modern society," and why do Kanye West fans put so much stock into what they perceive is his unending significance.

What the brothers eventually ended with was a successful tribute to the spectacle that is Kanye West that marries fact with fun -- the Book of Yeezus.

Calling it a "Bible for the New Age," "interventionist art," and a "coffee table novelty," the Kanye West Bible explores the way that our cultural icons somehow morph into spiritual figures.


Although the project is just now gaining momentum in the media, the Book of Yeezus' Etsy shop opened in January.

Its listing implies that the book has already sold out. It notes that "We've gotten a hellava lotta orders," and have "sold more books than we have sitting in the kitchen."

Referencing Moses'40-year walk across the desert, the brothers ask for patience when ordering.

Available at Etsy for $20, the Kanye West Bible, Book of Yeezus, will probably be one of the greatest gifts that ever existed for fans who – quite literally – worship the designer, pop singer, and mega social icon that is Kanye West.

[Photo Credit: Book of Yeezus Etsy Shop, BookofYeezus.com]