Priest Fired For Partaking In Bible-Themed Gay Orgies, Made Men Pretend To Be Judas Iscariot

An Italian priest has been fired after it was discovered he had organized gay orgies in which the men were asked to portray the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot. The men would play Judas and would atone for their sins against Jesus by becoming the priest’s slave. The bible-themed sex parties were allegedly performed with male prostitutes, online lovers, and potentially members of the Swiss Guard.

The Daily Mail reports that the priest’s transgressions were brought to light by one of the men the priest allegedly chatted with online. The 32-year-old man says that the priest contacted him online when he was having problems. The man is an unemployed laborer and thought the priest talking to him may have been a sign from God.

“It could have been a sign from heaven. I needed spiritual help.”

However, the man soon found out the priest’s real intentions as the conversation turned towards a sexual nature. Despite not being gay, the man said he listened to the priest and even broke up with his girlfriend upon the priest’s suggestion. The man claims that during one video Skype session the priest was entirely naked for the conversation. He would ask the man to send him sexually suggestive photos and that he even invited him to a orgy, which the priest claimed involved other priests and Swiss Guard members.

According to the Mirror, the priest served as a clergyman for a Taranto, Italy, order and has been dismissed from his position. Though the priest claimed that the orgies took place with other members of the clergy, the Italian priest is the only clergyman to be dismissed due to the allegations.

The man who blew the whistle on the priest says that the priest often bribed him with material items such as cell phones.

“He told me that he liked guys, especially young ones, and that he could do everything for them, also help them to buy clothes, mobile phones, and recharge costs.”

The diocese of Taranto has called the priest’s actions “reprehensible” and claim that they have verified the facts in the case of the dismissal and have found that no other priests were involved in the behavior.

“The priest in question who is not part of the Taranto clergy but of a religious order has been removed from pastoral care by bishop Filippo Santoro after verifying the facts. The religious are no longer in Taranto since last week. In the documents with the ecclesiastical court there is no trace of other priests being involved.”

[Image Credit: Getty Images]