Father Wins Three Marathons In Just 8 Weeks In Order To Pay For Infant Son’s Medical Care

A father from New York, Bryan Morseman, won three marathons in just eight weeks and says all of his winnings will go towards medical care for his infant son who has spina bifida. The father, who also works full-time as a precious metals clerk, says his son is his inspiration when he is running. The determined father was able to win $5,750 in the three marathons to pay for the treatments his son needs.

The Daily Mail reports that Morseman’s son Leeim was diagnosed with spina bifida while still in the womb. The developmental congenital disorder that does not allow for the baby’s spinal column to fully form. As a result of his condition, Leeim had surgery before ever leaving the womb to repair his spinal column. Without treatment, spina bifida leads to a whole host of medical problems and likely death. Despite the prognosis, Morseman is determined to ensure his son gets the best medical treatment possible. This includes physical therapy three times per week.

However, medical expenses can become costly. Therefore, Morseman does marathons when possible to raise a little extra money and do something he loves. He says training is not easy with an infant and full-time job. He is forced to train strictly during work lunch breaks and late at night after his children have gone to bed.

His limited training seems to be working as Morseman has won 23 out of the 42 marathons he has entered. His latest streak included the Montgomery Marathon in Alabama on March 14, the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, North Carolina, the next morning because it was on the way home to New York, and the Yeungling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach a week later.

The father spoke with the Democrat and Chronicle about his future marathon goals and says he hopes to be able to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trails, but that right now his family is his number one priority. Therefore, his Olympic dreams are currently on hold. Though the goal is lofty for a part-time marathon runner, Morseman says he has a great role model in his son.

“Every time I’m in a race I think of him and how my pain is nothing compared to what he has gone through. He gives me the energy shot to pick me up and carry me through to the finish.”

Morseman says he never trains for a specific marathon, instead tries to just take them as they come. He says he will continue to use his marathon winnings to help pay for his son’s extensive medical treatments.

[Image Credit: GoFundMe]